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BAFTA Winners: Three Billboards

*Spoiler Alert*

Three Billboards was a worthy winner of the BAFTA for best film. It is not a comfortable film to watch as you see a mother seeking justice for the rape and murder of her daughter by publicly shaming the local police commissioner. Like life, the story is complicated by the police commissioner dying from cancer and the falling out between the mother and daughter prior to the death of the daughter. Without giving away the story, the end has a twist with the unlikely alliance of the mother and one of the less scrupulous policeman that she had been fighting.

In winning film awards, the more harrowing stories do feature highly as the stories linger in your mind; think of “Moonlight” last year that won the Oscar – again not a comfortable film to watch.

Our equivalent is pension scams; a continuing negative element that blights the pensions industry. The “plots” may differ but pension scams are unlikely to disappear. Here are some of the uncomfortable truths:

  • Your pension is likely to be your largest or second largest asset so there will always be scammers looking to steal some share of it.
  • Some pension scams are completely legal but they are just no good for you – high risk, high charging investments.
  • Pensions are rich pickings for the scammers so the ban on cold calling will see the scammers use new tricks to contact you.
  • If you lose some or all of your pension fund in a scam, the chance of you getting any money back is very small.

We have started to offer post-scam appointments. This is to help you look at your pension position in the aftermath of being scammed. We talk to you about ways of building up your state and private pension in order to restore some of your retirement income. It is always difficult to think about the future when you are incandescent with rage about what is happening with your pension fund but, at some point, you will want to retire and our aim is to help you do that.

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