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All things pensions this Easter

I am writing this blog with trepidation. There has a lot of fuss about the word Easter this year. In fact, the word 'Easter' probably derives from Ēastre, a Germanic spring goddess; who had nothing to do with chocolate eggs. I think that I am safe to talk about the perception that people have about Easter and/or Spring, which is one of positivity and new beginnings.

Recently, there has been talk about the need to “rebrand” pensions. I am not sure what this means. Individual's perceptions on people, countries, words and companies last much longer than reality. What word comes into mind when you think of:

  • Vietnam?
  • Bosnia?
  • Rwanda?
  • Columbia?

Today’s reality for all of these countries is probably a lot different to the word that you origionally thought of. Hence, a rebrand of the word “pensions” is unlikely to change people’s perceptions. But, that is not a reason not to start – new beginnings and all that Easter/spring stuff!

There is a need to communicate the need to get people to manage their financial futures in a positive way and not by berating them for not doing enough.

So next time someone asks you about what you do, here are some positive comments:

  • Pensions can change people’s lives.
  • I help people to be able to stop work one day and choose how we live when we do.
  • I empower people to make the most of their pensions savings
  • People first, pensions second
  • I help people have a happy time after work – (Editor comment – use with caution)

Here's to a new start and new beginnings for pensions.

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