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A third plan to work past 65

New research from Canada Life has found that 35% of workers are intending to work past the age of 65. 

A year ago, the default retirement age was scrapped, meaning that in many circumstances, employers cannot compulsorily retire their workers purely on grounds of age.  Older employees may therefore decide to carry on working, which could boost the level of their pension (depending on the rules of their scheme) when they finally retire. 

If you would prefer not to work into old age, consider whether your pension savings will be enough for you to retire on at your chosen age.  Have a look at the pension statements which your provider has sent you.  If you haven't received a statement lately, contact your provider and ask for one.  Once you have the figures in front of you, it may be easier for you to work out whether your savings are on track. 

If you think that you will need a higher level of income to enjoy a comfortable retirement, you could consider whether to increase the amount that you are paying in.  If it is a workplace pension scheme, some employers will even match your contributions - often up to a limit.  Check with your pension provider to see if this applies to you. 

If you have no pension savings, it is never too late (or too early!) to start.  Read more about choosing a pension on our website. 

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