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A Rugby Education

With the Autumn Internationals underway and the World Cup in Japan to look forward to next year, here's a chance to brush up on your rugby knowledge.

  1. In what decade was a version of rugby created at Rugby School, Warwickshire, England?
  2. In 1862, what university banned rugby for being too violent?
  3. What was the first rugby club in New Zealand?
  4. Did Wales, Australia or New Zealand start its rugby first?
  5. In 1886, which country banned rugby for being brutal and liable to incite riots?
  6. Who won the rugby gold medal in summer Olympics in London?
  7. Who won the rugby gold medal in summer Olympics in Paris?
  8. When was Japan Rugby Football Union founded?
  9. When was and who won the first Rugby World Cup?
  10. When was South Africa re-admitted to international play?

Answers at the bottom of this message!
Hopefully, this short lesson in the history of rugby has been educational, insightful and possibly made you ask yourself different questions. It has not made you a rugby expert but may have made you want to engage more with the sport by watching, playing or finding out more about the history of the game.
This “rugby education” is similar to best practice in pension guidance. Some questions you knew the answer, some questions had surprising answers, it was delivered at a relevant time (start of the rugby season” and it was small bite-size chunks. Most importantly, it does not set out to make you an expert but aims at sparking your interest. And the words (that used to be) said by referees “Crouch-Touch-Pause-Engage” are good advice for the pensions industry:

  • Crouch – speak at the level of the customer’s understanding
  • Touch – get in touch to remind them that they have a pension pot
  • Pause – make sure that the customer takes his time to think of the answers and
  • Engage – high-quality pensions guidance with this approach should get the customer to engage!


  1. 1820s
  2. Yale
  3. Christchurch Football Club
  4. New Zealand
  5. Russia
  6. Australia in 1908
  7. USA in 1924
  8. 1926
  9. All Blacks 1987
  10. 1992
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