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A Right Royal Retirement Plan

Prince Philip carried out his final public engagement yesterday at the age of 96.

Now, 96 is late to consider giving up work, but many of us are working later in life and past the “traditional” retirement ages. Although, he has been trumped by Dr Hinohara, a Japanese doctor who studied longevity and worked until age 105! He was keen to remind people that when the retirement age was set at age 65 in Japan, average life expectancy was just 68.

It is true that, for some, the reasons for working longer are financial because they have not been able to save enough into their pensions but for others they simply want to carry on working, because they enjoy it. Work often forms part of our identity, adds purpose and allows us to socially interact with others. For many the new pension freedoms have allowed them to use their pension to determine the type of career they want in later life.

A number of our customers are looking to use their pensions to change careers or start up new businesses. Some of our customers have not changed jobs but have changed the hours to get a better work-life balance.  At TPAS we are lucky enough to have staff and volunteers who have chosen to carry on working into their later years and the value that they bring to our organisation is immeasurable.

Prince Philip will be a role model for many; “If he can do it, why can’t I?” – reference to his continued work rather than his quips!

To plan for the type of retirement that you would like to have, whether that is giving up work for good, phasing down or changing careers, give us a call on 0300 123 1047 and speak to one of our experienced specialists.

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