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Call: 0800 011 3797


A celebration of 30 years of volunteering at TPAS

Today, The Pensions Advisory Service pays tribute to 30 years of service over which hundreds of dedicated pensions professionals have offered their time and expertise to help people with their pension problems and questions.

Set up in 1983, TPAS (or OPAS as it was known as then) was brought together as a voluntary body to help the general public with their pension problems.  From its earliest days, hundreds of pension experts from across the UK pledged to work hand in hand with local Citizens Advice Bureaux to address the real need for high quality free and impartial support with pension problems.

TPAS pays tribute to its staff and the many volunteers that have supported it across the last 30 years.  As part of its 30th birthday, TPAS has given its logo a facelift to make it more contemporary  and to reflect the organisation's aspiration to be accessible and reach even more people. 

Michelle Cracknell, the new Chief Executive of the Pensions Advisory Service said:

“The climate for the launch of TPAS (known as OPAS) was changes to the pension landscape. Over its 30 years history, TPAS has provided an invaluable and free information service and helped resolve disputes, many of which arose due to misunderstandings. Changes to pension provision continues and the need for the public to have access to information and guidance is even greater. The future direction for TPAS is to continue to deliver free independent information and guidance to the public, with the aim of reaching more people. We will continue to work on how we deliver the service so that it reflects the ways that the public want to access information and how they interact with us.”

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