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Telling the pension scheme of a death

It’s important that you tell each pension scheme that you are a member of or that the person who dies was a member as soon as possible.

Pension schemes often provide death benefits. If you don't know what these are or the rules that apply, you should contact the pension provider or the scheme administrator to find out. To receive the death benefits, it may be necessary to complete a nomination form.

Telling the pension scheme of a death

You should contact the scheme administrator or pension provider for each of the schemes to tell them of  the death. If they were employed, their employer may have contacted the scheme but it’s best to make sure that they know.

The scheme administrator or pension provider will then write to you to tell you what happens next.

You can also ask whether you are entitled to receive any pension benefits and/or a cash lump sum from the pension scheme.

If the person was in receipt of a pension, you should tell the pension scheme as soon as possible – you may have to pay back any pension payments received after the date of their death.

If the person was receiving a State Pension when they died, you should tell the Pension Service as soon as possible that they have died, so they can stop paying the pension. You can contact the Pension Service on 0800 731 0469 - ask for the Bereavement Service when you call.

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