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Self-employed and Pensions

Working for yourself often means you have lots of things to think about and saving for later life can be easily overlooked. Being self-employed also means that saving into a pension is entirely in your own hands, only you can decide what pension scheme you choose and how much you can afford to pay in. We know that choosing a pension, deciding how much to contribute and accessing your benefits can be confusing. There are lots of things you need to think about, but we’re here to help.

If you are aged between 35 and 55 you could be eligible for a Midlife Review appointment.

No matter if you have been employed and are just thinking of self-employment, or if you have had years of going it alone, it is important to consider your later life saving options.  You will need to know what pension provision you already have and what you might need in the future.

We can help to guide you through your planning, from making pension contributions or providing for dependents or any health concerns that could affect your ability to earn and save both now and in the future.

To help, we have put together these dedicated self-employed and pension saving sections. The sections look at four different areas of your life, which we think you might want to think about when it comes to your pension and later life planning. You can access each section at the links below:

Each section has an overview of how your pension savings could be affected and will give you things to keep in mind when building up your pension and accessing your retirement benefits.

Frequently asked...

Midlife Review for Self-employed People

If you are aged between 35 and 55 you could be eligible for a Midlife Review appointment.

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If you need more information, please contact us. A pension specialist from our team will be happy to help with whatever pensions-related question you have. Our help is always free.

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