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Other pension related benefits

Your pension scheme may offer you other benefits as well as retirement benefits

Your pension scheme may also provide you with other benefits, as well as benefits in retirement. Your pension provider or scheme administrator should give you a booklet or other information outlining how the scheme works and the benefits that may be available to you.

Other pension-related benefits

It’s a good idea to read this information so that you understand how the scheme works. You may need to claim some benefits, such as sickness benefits if you fall ill.

Some employers operate ‘flexible benefits schemes’ that offer you a range of benefits including retirement benefits, and let you choose which benefits you want and how much you pay towards each one.

If you need more help understanding which benefits may be available to you, or how they work, ask your employer or scheme administrator. You can also ask us for help.In addition to these benefits, there may be other voluntary benefits; ranging from childcare vouchers to schemes such as ‘cycle to work’. It’s important to read all the details of the scheme and be aware that your employer may not allow you to change your mind for a year if you select a benefit

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