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Often the problem with sorting our finances out is not knowing where to start. Even the idea of budgeting or of setting down on paper your accumulated assets can be daunting.

But it’s worth putting everything down to give yourself a birds-eye view. Then you can think about setting income goals both for now and in retirement. For many, these are the primary building blocks of a sound financial plan.


Your Money Key Points

The full New State Pension is £179.60 per week (£9,339.20 per year) based on 35 years of National Insurance Contributions. It is a guaranteed income for life which rises each year with inflation.

Making sure you know where all your pensions are and what they're worth is a great first step to beginning retirement planning.

Setting a retirement income goal - taking into account the State Pension, private provision and any other assets - can then help you see how close you are.

Getting to grips with any debts and establishing a rainy day fund can make any quieter periods for your business periods easier to manage.

Pensions provide tax relief to boost your savings. When you pay £80 from your bank account, your provider can claim £20 from HMRC to give you £100 in your pension.

If you are a higher rate tax payer or have your own company, paying a pension contribution could also reduce your tax bill.

From the age of 55, pensions can give you a tax free cash lump sum and the flexibility to take withdrawals should your income fluctuate, or if you wish to cut down on your work slightly and phase your retirement.

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