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Choosing a regulated financial adviser

If you need help in choosing a pension, or reviewing your retirement options, a regulated financial adviser may be able to help.

Regulated financial advisers and the things to consider

Regulated financial advisers are authorised to give you advice and recommend suitable pensions products and investment options, for you.

There are several things you should think about when choosing a regulated financial adviser:

  • Think about what advice you’re looking for; is it just advice on your retirement savings or do you want help with all of your financial planning?
  • Consider the level and experience that the adviser has, particularly in the areas where you think you need help.
  • Look at the typical clients the adviser looks after in their business, do they have needs similar to your requirements?
  • Think about whether you will be dealing with one adviser or different advisers, or, perhaps a team of people.
  • Look at the services they offer and think about how they will interact with you.
  • Look at what products they recommend for you. Do they recommend products from the whole market, or are they products tied to one, or a small number of providers?
  • Understand what the adviser will charge for their services and that you can afford to pay these charges.
  • You should always check that the adviser is an authorised to provide financial advice. You can check the Financial Conduct Authorities’ (FCA) Register, by clicking here.
  • You can ALSO visit the FCA’s website, to get help in understanding what a financial adviser should do.

How do regulated financial advisers work?

Many financial advisers will offer you an initial meeting, free of charge. These meetings can be useful to help you decide whether they can provide you with the services that you need and, that you will be happy to work with them.

You should also check whether the financial adviser will visit you, say, at home or at your place of work, or if they will only meet you at their offices.

Financial advisers must recommend the most appropriate products for your circumstances, based on the products available across the whole of the market.

Restricted or 'tied' advisers might be restricted by the number of providers they choose from.  However, they may also be restricted in the type of advice and products they offer (e.g. specialise in pensions only). They must tell you whether they’re an independent, tied or restricted adviser.


How can I find a regulated financial adviser?

The Money Advice Service provides help in how to choose a regulated financial adviser. You can find out more by visiting their dedicated web page by clicking here.

For advice on later life issues (help with your pension pot, retirement planning, long term care planning, equity release, etc) the Money Advice Service has a Retirement Adviser Directory .


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