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Women and the state pension

State pension age

The state pension age is no longer 60 for women.  It is increasing in stages to 65, and then everyone's state pension age will increase in stages until it has reached 68.  Do you know when you will reach your state pension age? 

For more information visit our know your state pension age section..

Basic state pension

The current basic state pension is £113.10 a week.  The amount that you will get depends on how many national insurance (NI) contributions you have paid, or been credited with.  You currently need 30 years' worth of contributions in order to get the maximum pension.  Do you know how much you might get? 

For more information visit our state pension section.

Paying voluntary national insurance contributions

If you find that your national insurance history is not enough to give you a full basic state pension, you may be able to pay voluntary contributions to increase your entitlement. 

For more information visit our voluntary NI contributions section.

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