Saving for Retirement Planner

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Piggy BankThis planner by The Pensions Advisory Services (TPAS) can help towards your retirement planning.

What will this planner do for you?

  • Give you general information and guidance about saving for your retirement
  • Calculate the level of income you could expect to receive in retirement
  • Help you work out how much you need to save for a comfortable retirement 

How does it work?

You answer a number of questions, giving:

  • some basic personal information (i.e. gender and date of birth);
  • values of your pension and investment savings; and
  • your estimated target income for retirement (i.e. how much income you would need when you give up work).

We take this information and calculate whether you are on course for your target income at retirement.

Returning User

If you are a returning user please
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Privacy Information 

The data you enter in this planner is entirely secure.  It will not be shared with third parties.               

If you choose not to save your record, we will not store any of the data you enter. 

If you decide to save your record for future use, your data will be encrypted and stored securely.  You will be able to retrieve the data later using your email address and password.