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15 February 2008

The Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS) has launched a special pensions helpline for women which in its first week has been inundated with calls.

The purpose of the helpline is to help women have a better understanding of their pension position and some of the options they have for providing pensions for themselves. It is aimed at women of all ages from those just starting out in employment to those already retired.

Research has shown that there are many obstacles preventing women from building up adequate pension provision in their own right - such as lower lifetime pay and periods spent at home bringing up children or with other caring responsibilities. Pensions can be complicated and confusing and women are often unsure of their rights and what they can do to assist themselves. Also, there are a number of very significant changes to the qualifying conditions for the state pension coming in from April 2010. These could have a material effect on women's pension entitlements and need to be understood and taken into account in developing their retirement plans.

"It is clear that this helpline is needed at the present time.", says TPAS Chief Executive, Malcolm McLean, "The significant changes being introduced in 2010 are little more than two years away and yet many women are clearly unaware of how all this will impact on them and could influence their pension plans. We will do our utmost to explain the changes and provide whatever other help and guidance we can".

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