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Royal Mail managers reject pension proposals

In a ballot by Unite the union of Royal Mail managers an overwhelming 85% rejected Royal Mail's proposal to change their pension.

Unite National Secretary, Paul Reuter, said: "This is a massive rejection of Royal Mail's decision to reduce the future pensions of thousands of working people. It would be absolute folly if the business were to ignore the loyal staff.

"Following months of consultations the managers within Royal Mail are sending a clear message to Adam Crozier to sit down with the unions and negotiate a sensible agreement on our future pensions.

"I believe that it is not in the best interest of our members, the business or the customer to rush into a further period of industrial unrest. We invite Royal Mail to take serious note of what the managers are saying.

"Unite will now invite Adam Crozier to work with the union to find a sensible solution to this difficult problem. If Royal Mail do not respond to the clear view of their staff then Unite will be left with no choice than to consider balloting for industrial action."