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Pensioners court costs to be paid

23 February 2007

Four men who won a court case over their lost pensions will now have their legal costs paid by the Government.
The Work & Pensions Secretary John Hutton told MPs that he would pay the costs of the men's claim so far, plus any appeal costs.

But he said the government itself might go to appeal over the case.

The High Court has ordered the government to reconsider its rejection of findings made by the Parliamentary Ombudsman in a report on lost pensions.

Last year the Ombudsman, Ann Abraham, found that the government was guilty of maladministration, and had caused injustice, by publishing inaccurate and misleading information about the security of occupational pension schemes.

She had called on the government to arrange higher levels of compensation for about 85,000 people.

They had lost all or part of their pension entitlements when their pension schemes were wound up with a deficit, between 1997 and 2005.

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