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Finding a lost pension

You might move jobs a number of times during your working life, and pay into a number of pensions. It can be hard for you to keep track of your pensions. 

If you lose track of your pensions, there are ways to help you trace your pension or pensions and get back in contact. 

Pension Tracing Service

Contact the Pension Tracing Service, who keep a register of UK workplace pension schemes. They should be able to give you up-to-date contact details for your workplace pension scheme

Click here for more information about using the Pension Tracing Service.

Asking us for help

If the Pension Tracing Service was unable to find your scheme or provider, or your pension was not a workplace pension, please write to us. We are experienced in finding lost pensions. 

If you write to us for help, please include any pension statements you may have from your scheme or provider, and copies of any correspondence you may have received from the Pension Tracing Service. 

Click here for our contact details.

Further information

We have produced a booklet to help you. It can be downloaded from our publications page and is called 'Tracing your pension.' It contains help and useful tips for tracing a lost pension. It also includes reasons why you may not be entitled to a pension.

Tell us your story

We are working with BBC Factual on a programme examining lost pensions. Have you tried to track down a lost pension? If you are willing to share your story please contact our press team on

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