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The Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS) is an independent non-profit organisation that provides free information, advice and guidance on the whole spectrum of company, personal and stakeholder schemes. We also help you understand how state pension issues interact with other pensions you may have.


With the increased interest in pensions following the Budget announcement, we have had a number of people contact us to report that they have received cold calls saying they have received their details from the government and that they are government backed to undertake pension reviews. 

This is not a legitimate claim.

What the government has done is recently introduced a personalised telephony service, helping those reaching State Pension Age soon after the New State Pension rules come into effect to understand the changes to the State pension.  This is a pre-arranged call back service, offered to those who have already contacted the Department for Work and Pensions for advice. If you receive a cold call offering this type of service, or a service offering pension reviews, we would strongly advise caution.

Your pensions are valuable assets and it is recommended that you check the organisation before releasing information. 

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